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Metin2 Server files 40k Pvm Oldschool

20 May 2022
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Brief description:
- Maximum level: 105
- Beta upgrades
- PVM Medium
- Classic Drop (the one from RO from 2009)
- Partially made gameplay - all you have to do is walk around, add / remove what you want
- Automatic Events System
- Clean & Classic & Optimized & Well thought out
- The sources are mainline clean
- Server source is updated to C ++ 17 and compiles on GCC-7 (including freebsd 9.2 can be compiled)
- Binary source compiles with Visual Studio 2013
- Old school vibe with new school systems

The serverfiles is one worked in the smallest detail, with visual bugs fixed, exploits set up and a promising gameplay start.
Below is a list of all the issues and bugs that have been fixed, the systems that have been added, and the improvements that have been made.




Updates 20.06.2022
- FIX F10 key (can be used now without blocking the client)
- Guild War Statistics System (TAB key)
- System Bara Kill Razboi Bresle
- FIX Kill Observer Mode Razboi Bresle
- FIX Store Slots
- FIX Message Guild Spam Exploit
- FIX Change Kingdom - Invite Exploit Guild
- FIX Update members in Guild War
- FIX blocks size less than 800x600 M2Bob
- System 4 inventory + keys
- System Quest Renewal
- System Cube Renewal + Copy Bonus
- System Drop Renewal
- Passive System Skills 141/142 (~ full, c ++ with books ~)
- 6th skill system
- System 7th & 8th skill
- System Hide Costume
- Weapon Costume System
- System Mount Costume
- System Bonus Page as Official (~ fully unbugged ~)
- New Emotions System (~ full ~)
- Global System Chat with flags (special flag at GM), and PM with click on the name
- Emoji chat system / pm
- System Change Channel (read from
- System Remove Affect (poly + buff skills)
- System Event Manager + Automatic Event Calendar
- System Show / Hide Chat from settings
- System Show / Hide mobi + aggressive level
- System Hide / Show Pets / Mounts / Stores
- System Team in friendlist (C ++)
- System Broadcast message
- System Mob target (~ fully unbugged ~)
- HP system on target (~ fully unbugged ~)
- System Choose Fonts from Game Settings
- System Buy with items (~ fully unbugged ~)
- System Refine items check
- Guild Leader / General System
- System Armament with deactivation / activation option in Game Settings
- Daily Reward System with MiniMap button
- SwitchBot system with bonus save / auto purchase option
- CTRL + V system
- System Links with warning message
- Multi Textline System
- System Vine Rapid objects to NPC with message (on timer)
- System ignore lower buffs
- System BAN_IP
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First of all, the serverfiles are made in such a way as to be as automated as possible.

What this means? You can sit quietly on the beach in Mamaia, and your metin server will "manage" itself.
How so? We have added systems that allow a more concrete gameplay and without you making many changes. It is a stable serverfiles that does not require more than a quick maintenance (restart + cleaning logs) per week.

Events are automatic, so they turn on and off automatically according to the calendar you set.

Moonlight Event
Football event
Costume event
Hexagonal Chests Event
Special Event (where depending on the period you can put another event, eg: Christmas, Summer, Halloween, Easter, etc.)

Secondly, it has long been invested in stabilizing and optimizing files, so this serverfiles withstood a test on a server with 200 players.

I was very careful to add systems that make the game more fun and interesting, without deviating from the classic game. I tried to succeed where gameforge, unfortunately, failed and I can say that something beautiful came out.

ScrollWheel function
Animation Bara HP
Right click send / remove warehouse items
Hide Costume System
To the 6-lea, to the 7-lea & to the 8-lea skill
Change Channel System
Mob Target Info System
System Inventory Expansion
Remove Affect System
Hide Yang Chat System
Invent Costume Nou
Paste Text and Link System
Monster Info System
Weapon System (with lock function in Game Settings)
PM Icons Renewal
Leader & General Breasla System

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